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Impepata di cozze (Spicy black mussels) September 18, 2008

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This recipe is written out for just one serving ( one person) just multiply how many people you are serving, it’s very simple.

Black Mussels:                   1 pound

Olive oil (extra virgin)       1 ounce

Garlic (fresh)                    2 large cloves

Black pepper                     as needed

How To Do It

If not already done, clean the mussels.

Note: Cleaning mussels can be accomplished by taking three or four in your hands and rubbing them vigorously together under running water. You want to clean off any mud and barnacles that might be attached to them. Then check to see if there is any “beard” attached. If so, remove it by simultaneously pulling and  wiggling it back and forth. This is nothing than a filament that kept them attached to what ever they were attached to. Discard any that are already open and obviously dead and don’t eat that filament. It can even be removed and discarded while eating.

You can also use a stiff wire brush to clean mussels.

In a large covered pan or steamer pot put the olive oil and garlic.

Over high heat, sauté the garlic until blond in color. Don’t burn it.

Add the mussels and cover.

Steam the mussels until all are open. (just a few minutes is all it takes)

Sprinkle a generous amount of black pepper over all.

Serve hot with a generous portion of the juice.

Eat with toasted Italian garlic bread.

Don’t forget to get that juice with your bread.


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