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Yup, it’s me Azra! September 17, 2008

Hi there, I’m Azra, 32 with three kids. Lucie is 13, Tristan is 11 and Benjamin he’s 5.  In addition to the kids I have two cats Sammy and Gracie and life wouldn’t be complete with my dogs, Maggie and Harley.

I work part time @ a Chiropractor’s office and I full time own the one and only Local Bar here in Douglass, KS. Life’s an adventure that’s for sure.

I’m a born German Native and have lived here in the states on and off for more then 10+ years now. One of my great pleasures is cooking, so I have added some recipes to share with all who care to read this.  I will be adding more I am sure.

Sunday’s @ the Bierhaus, I serve a Sunday lunch and dinner special that has taken off like nothing I would have imagined. I even got asked to cater a wedding @ the beginning of 2009. I am super excited about.

So enjoy…. and don’t forget to leave me  a comment! :>)


2 Responses to “Yup, it’s me Azra!”

  1. quilt32 Says:

    Love your web site and recipes. I’ll definitely be back.

  2. Azra Says:

    Thank you, hope to see you on here again soon.

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