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Playing Hookie today. September 17, 2008

I haven’t had a day off in months, so I decided to play hookie from work today. I sort of felt bad, but then again I really need this. It’s not like it’s going to be a total day off, late this afternoon I have to go work the Bar.

This will give me some time to get some planning done for this weekend coming up. I’m having my second annual Hog-Roast, it’s sort of a ‘End of summer celebration’. Turn out last year was pretty good, I’m hoping for a larger crowd this year. That reminds me, I need to call the Augusta Paper and place an add for that in there. Which should boost business some, I think.

We were supposed to have our towns Fall Festival this past weekend, but due to all the rain and flooding everything was cancelled. At first I was a little upset about the whole deal, since I have bought all this stock, I had a street dance planned and a cookout with burger and hot dogsthe shebang

But in the end it all worked out for the better, last minute I decided to still do a regular Karaokeand we were packed. It was an awesome turnout. I think people were just in a partying mode.  It seemed that the whole town came out to party. LOL  Which of course was good for me.

I was so busy that I didn’t even take notice that on the other side ( where the dance floor and Karaoke was ) that a fight broke out. All I know is that some local firefighters were there having a good time and they took care of it for me. They threw the guys out that were fighting and cleaned up the mess for me. I love the fact that I have people that come into my place that love the Bar and don’t want any trouble in there. One guy, made the two guys fighting apologize to me for ‘disrespecting‘ me, then out to the curb they went.

After this weekend the other big events coming up is Sam’s birthday the big 49! Eww LOL. And of course or big Halloween Party and costume contest.


One Response to “Playing Hookie today.”

  1. Brian Says:

    I love your blog 🙂 Thank you so much for the recipes, we all just LOVE your cooking and look forward to Sundays. Mendy and I had a wonderful evening talking with you and Sam on Saturday, and it was so sweet of you to say “Happy Anniversary!” when we walked in that night. It was a great evening for us, we both commented that we haven’t laughed that hard for years. You guys and the bar have a special place in our heart, since Mendy and I had our first date their at the annual hog roast.

    I can’t wait to try some of your amazing recipes. I know Mendy is very excited, too!

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