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Sam & Ozzy’s Lunch Box Special September 23, 2008

I have talked to many people here in Douglass, KS and one thing that I hear all the time is, ‘ I wish there was a Soup & Sandwich place here for lunch’.  We have a pizza place, a hamburger shack and a little restaurant here in town, that all serve their purpose, and have their loyal followings.

So, I am happy to announce that I will ( I hope, with the support of our community)  be starting a lunch bag special, dine-in, carry-out and or delivery service. I will call it Sam & Ozzy’s Lunch Box and it will run Mon through Fri, from 11am-230pm.

Nothing warms ones tummy more then a satisfying soup and sandwich and or salad. Depending on whatever tickles your palate.

My goal is to serve the best foods to as many people as I can.

Now that hardest part will be telling Sam that he’s the designated delivery driver 😛


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